Remembering Benjamin Chiu

378440_10150514140929044_1274026540_nA place for family, friends, and loved ones to leave memories, well wishes, and condolences. Please leave your messages here.

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24 thoughts on “Remembering Benjamin Chiu

  1. Rev Daniel Lee

    “My memories of Hakka MC dates back to the days when I followed my dad Rev Lee Chin Ming to visit his good friend, Rev Benjamin Chiu (the Kuantan pastor) and his huge family living on the 2nd floor of the old parsonage. There were orchids growing everywhere in the church compound tended by the green fingers of the Chiu family,”

  2. Su Sie

    As far as I can remember your dad served in Kampar Chinese Methodist Church
    when we were there around in 1958.
    I remember before Christmas he would take the trouble to visit my mum and me at
    the hospital quarters we were staying on top of a hill in the nite and he will be like Santa Claus
    distributing sweets to us (I have to search for the photo).

    There was another time your dad would drive my mum and me in his small open top car to visit
    church members homes in the chinese villages not far from town. I always enjoyed the ride because I get to stick my neck out through the open top of the car!
    These are a kid’s memory.

    I admired your dad for being full of faith when he goes out visitation with your mum and left Samantha to be in charged of the young siblings. He told my my mum God will take care of them.

  3. Lillian Ng

    We are so sad to hear from Ivan just now that Rev. Chiu has gone to be with our Lord Jesus.
    We are just waiting to hear from Ivan or Rev. Chiu may be this week he should be in Kuala Lumpur. But now we cant see him anymore. But by faith we will see him in heaven one day.

    Our deepest condolences to u all and he is really dearly miss by us here.
    Our warmest regards to Mrs. Rev. Chiu and all of u. Take care.

  4. Jonathan Tan

    So sad to hear about the sad news about the home going of your dad, Pastor Chew. Condolence to you and your family from me and my family.

    As a young Christian at the age of 16 I encountered this spiritual man who came to Kuantan Chinese Methodist Church to be our pastor in the 19 sixties. The first thing he did was took out the church registry and invited me and another church elder to visit every one including those that have no address. Very soon the church saw a revival and attendance at the church increased manifold. With half a dozen of children, it was God’s grace that his meager salary was able to feed and clothe his whole family. He cleared a small plot of land beside the pastor house and planted various vegetables, not only for his family but also gave the church members. This is how industrious he was. He got everyone involved in the church ministry having us to help in stenciling the church bulletin cum order of service, taking part in visitation and attending seminars in KL and Singapore. Remembering traveling with him to Singapore in his old mini car (he fondly called “frog”) wading through flood water in Johor. As the district superintendent, traveling back from KL in the wee hours of the morning, he would stop at every chapter along the way back to Kuantan to knock at the door of his pastors to find out how were they doing. Truly a man of God, simple, and yet very seriously strict with us. Among all the pastors I have been under, he was the best!

  5. Susie Chin

    Our deepest condolences to Mrs Benjamin Chiu and family. Words cannot expressed this truly great, good and faithful servant of God but in our hearts we know how he has touched our lives. May the peace and comfort of God be with you all.

  6. Jonathan and Carol Lee & Family

    We grieve with you that he is no longer here with us on this earth but rejoice with you that he is now with our Lord Jesus Christ. We also praise God for the many, many lives that he touched during his lifetime of faithful service to the Lord.
    You all will be in our thoughts and prayers during this time.

  7. Lilian Ng

    I knew Rev. Chiu through Mr Chong Siew Mun who also gone with the Lord long ago which that time I am only 20 years old and Rev. Chiu was pastoring in Spore. After around 7 years later I was in New York City attending the Chinatown Methodist church; I am so amazed and glad that Rev. Benjamin Chiu was pastoring that time at the Church. He and Mrs Rev. Chiu has been my Pastor , like Father and Mum to me which I treasured dearly. Me and Ivan still treasure the times we are in NYC spending time with Rev. CHIU and his whole family. When we moved down to Florida, he also came to visit us. Rev. Chiu is like Jesus that He watches over all his sheeps. He likes to visit his sheeps. When we came back to Malaysia. Every year I received his Christmas greetings to us. Rev. Benjamin Chiu a loving spiritual Father to Me and my family. Me and Ivan so glad to hear from Dawn Chiu that Rev will be in Msia on 28th Dec 2015. We waited for him to call us but now sadly we missed him very much.
    Dearest Rev. Chiu we love you and may you rest in the arm of Jesus Christ who loves you most. Sadly Lilian , Ivan , Ivana and Aaron Hoh

  8. Robert Ong

    Our deepest condolences to Mrs Chiu and family. Rev Chiu was my first pastor at Hakka Methodist Church (Singapore) when I became a Christian and he baptised me in 1974. I remember him to be a very hard-working man. Later when he & his family moved to USA, I had the opportunity to visit him & his family in Sacramento and I stayed with them. Rev Chiu treated me like a family member and I felt very much at home.

  9. Pastor Belen Mandapat, CUMC Sacramento

    On behalf of the Chinese UMC here in Sacramento, CA I’d like to extend our deepest condolences to the entire family of the late Rev. Benjamin Chiu. We’re all extremely saddened upon hearing of his demise. I thank and praise the Lord for enabling him and his family to come and visit our church the Sunday before he passed away. I’m so blessed being the Pastor that God gave me the wonderful opportunity to meet him in person. Our love goes to the entire family and we join you all in the celebration of Rev. Chiu’s great life as a true son of God, in our thoughts and prayers. Our church members cherish and treasure the wonderful memories and legacy that he has left behind. May God’s loving presence and sustaining love be felt by all especially during your time of loss.
    Love in Christ,
    Pastor Belen Mandapat

  10. 黃炳源 撰 Dr. Samuel Wong

    我認識趙牧已經有50 多年了。第一次的交往是1957 年。趙牧三一畢業以後,在新加坡粵語感恩堂做傳道。那時我是感恩堂青年團契頂活動的會員,所以我們接觸的機會很多。趙牧開朗的個性及可親的態度吸引了不少青年人跟他打成一片,我當時是其中一個被長者列為鬧是非的嫌疑分子,受過不少冤枉。趙牧是當年的“大細路哥頭”,常常被教會的長者說長說短。在那些年頭,他已經表現出笑罵由人的態度,做他要做的事。

    我們第二次合作是1964 年,趙牧在吉隆坡廣東音禮拜堂任主理,我在芙蓉、波得申做見習。那年全馬青年團契訓練會在吉隆坡舉行,趙牧任會監,我任訓練會的幹事。趙牧,我、還有年會的青年事工指導方中南牧師-我們三個人-花了不少時間策劃訓練會的程序,在吉隆坡的牧師樓喝了不少茶。訓練會給趙牧機會大展書法,把主題寫得龍飛鳳舞。在我們忙碌籌備工作中,趙牧常常講他打江湖的經歷給我們聽,講得天花亂墜。真是一位優秀的講故事專家。

    訓練會以後,我來美國留學,攻讀實踐神學,準備回星馬侍奉。可惜事與願違,不得已半途轉科轉行, 留在美國謀生。趙牧移民來美國以後,一直都有聯絡我,常常彼此問候。1980 或 90 年間,他舉家東岸旅遊,特別繞路去維珍利亞州看我。我在廣州領事館任職的時期,他回廣州探親,也專程去領館看我。每年聖誕我們都交換賀卡,數算主恩。可見趙牧是非常重視友誼的。2011 年1 月我去喬治州拜訪他,跟他促膝談心,如坐春風之中。他說要我為他述史,衛廉也有同樣的托付。我們多年知己,肝膽相照。既責無旁貸,我就只好勉為其難,略述所知一二獻醜。

  11. Le Tran and Family

    I want to share with you and your family that because of your dad and mom and your entire family’s that my entire family was able to know God.
    I still remember your parents always visiting my family while they were in Sacramento. With each visit was having tea, food and spreading the gospel message.
    My mom would talk about your parents when she was alive and about how great your parent were always visiting and spreading the gospel message. She would missed those visits when your parents moved to New Jersey.

    I know how difficult it is to lose a parent. I pray that God will provide comfort and peace to you and your family in this time of sorrow.

    Please know that your dad has completed his life’s work for the Lord and it is now time that God is calling him home to rest and enjoy his eternity in heaven.

    If there is anything I can do to help. Please let me know. Please keep in touch.

  12. Xin Guo

    I feel pastor Chiu’s legacy in that my family enjoy the love and fellowship in Christ with his daughters’ families. Praise God who initiates and completes his faithful work! Let us know if we can help in any means. Take care.

  13. Eva Lee

    Thank you for having this website so I can read about Pastor Chiu’s life. I am a friend of Pastor Chiu’s youngest son and daughter-in-law and might have met Pastor Chiu once during Steven and Yili’s wedding .

    I am deeply touched by Pastor Chiu’s life through reading about him. God continue to use Pastor Chiu’s life to speak.

    Pastor life speaks of a God who indeed provide for the fatherless.
    How God raise pastor’s big family of 8 children, full of grace and love.

    Pastor Chiu’s life speaks of our God is full of love and mercy. He went to the lost sheep one by one, with love and mercy.

    I can picture how pastor enjoy visiting Le Tran and many others, full of joy and love of Christ.

    I can see Pastor fully integrated God’s words into his life so he could always end a visitation by sharing applicable message and verses from the Lord.

    Thank you, Pastor Chiu ! Your life still speaks to us !

  14. Lek Yong Chia

    My deepest condolences to the Chiu children and Mrs Chiu.

    My memories of your family run deep, staying with your family when I went to the US to study (about 35 years ago!). It was Rev Chiu and your deep generosity that gave me that opportunity and the fond memories of living with you. I had my first taste of pizzas from Pizza Hut at your home. On some nights, one would have almost thought the Chiu family owned that restaurant!

    My deepest impression about Rev Chiu that I learnt and I have oft shared this point to friends: If you give your life to God in service, He will take care of you and your family. No issue about that. I have often tried to live up to that. Rev Chiu walked the talk (refer to the last paragraph of Dr Samuel Wong’s biography). I had the privilege of being part of that journey your family took with him. Rev Chiu dedicated his life to God’s service.

    Rev Chiu loved his fishing, we had many salmon to eat, at that time Omega 3 wasn’t mentioned much yet. Honda Civics was his specialty, where did he learn that? From pastor to vehicle mechanic, whilst the rest of us stuck to maintaining the bicycles.

    For the Chiu boys (I know all of you are grown men now), I didn’t quite learn how to recite the Lord’s Prayer in mandarin, courtesy of Rev Chiu’s edict to you. Though I did learn how to study whilst standing up and bent over. You know what I mean 🙂

    In your grief, know that Rev Chiu touched many lives and that we know Rev Chiu is in God’s arms. Take care.

  15. Choong Sun Wah


    终 生 侍 主
    永 远 怀 念

    马来西亚怡保 率家人敬鞔

  16. Rev. James Law

    Dear Rev. Chiu,
    Although I wanted to come to Atlanta to pay my last respect to you, I am sorry I won’t be able. In fact, I had a few funeral services in the past few weeks.
    You came to my church on December 19th and again the following day for Sunday worship. I am saddened by the lack of quality time with you then.
    I have many fond memories of you, your wife whom continued to work full-time alongside me in the same church where you retired from, and your precious children and grandchildren.
    I still remember vividly you and your family came to my home shortly after you were appointed to Chinese UMC in New York City in 1988. At that time, I just entered the seminary.
    You matter to me a lot as you are my pastor, and your wife as “the Pastor’s Wife”. You have shaped me as a pastor because you are my example of a faithful minister who can finish the race amid hardship with integrity and fearlessness.
    As Jesus left Mother Mary with his disciples, I know your wife Mrs. Chiu is also in good care surrounded by love.

    You will be missed.
    Until we meet again!

  17. Chen Yuk Ling, Helen On, Vincent , Mei ,

    Really sad hear the news that uncle had left us. I write on behalf of my whole family to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to auntie, cousins and your families. May God comfort you all!

  18. Cyndi and Andy 僅代表 母親陳育林,Helen, Monica and Lukas, Vincent and Mei, Lenard and Cécile


  19. Angela Byerly and family

    I met, Rev. Chiu, when I was in 6th or 7th grade and that was over 30 years ago. My brother, Bruce, married his daughter June. The entire Chiu family have always been loving to my family as a sister or brother. I could see through his children, what a great teacher he was of Christ. He was always very sweet and love to talk with us when we got together on holidays or special events. I am sorry for your loss, but I know he is smiling and talking in heaven.

  20. Jeanette Tan Chudnow

    Words cannot express the sadness of a husband, dad and grandpa passing. I knew of this kind man and his family through my uncle, Rev. Alfred Yeo, in Singapore years ago when I was thinking about embarking on university studies in the USA. I didn’t get to meet him until 18 years later at a mutual friend’s house in American Canyon, CA. By then I had been friends with June, Laurie and Ivan for a few years. We have a group of families that get together to celebrate our childrens’ birthdays and annual festivities. I like to think of them as my Joy Luck Club family.
    Uncle Chiu–you have a great legacy. Your children are God-loving, people-caring, and are living examples of the fruits of your labor from your years of investment in God’s Kingdom. God has honored you and Aunty through the many you have touched–seen and unseen. I too have been a recipient of your generosity and kindness in years past.
    As Laurie has said, you are not one to waste away in a home or facility. I am glad you spent your last days visiting, relating and connecting with family and friends all over the globe. What a selfless way to go. You have indeed been a true servant of God, till death do you part. As a Christian, I rejoice that you are now partying with Jesus in heaven. As a friend of the family, I grieve for our loss here.

  21. Fong Kwok Jen

    Dear Ivan
    Please accept Phyllis and my condolences on your father’s demise to you, your mother and your siblings. I apologise for not being there nor at his memorial service. I was only informed by Rev. Daniel Lee after the memorial service.
    If I had known he was coming to Singapore, I would have time managed my trip to Hong Kong to catch up with him.
    Your father in many ways helped shape my thoughts about God, the Church and Christians when I was a young Christian. He was a Godly and faithful man; being neither pious nor religious.
    He had little material comforts but he had a zest for life. He was a tent maker growing and selling orchids to supplement his meagre pastor’s salary to feed his family. Small minds accused him of not devoting all his time to church work.
    I am particularly thankful to your father (and mother) for allowing the Hakka 11:00 a.m. service to grow.
    Your parents visited my parents though they never then attended Hakka or any church then. My father had been upset with the church for many years. Your father (and mother) were the sowers who helped bring my father back to church. He passed on in 2007 as a member of Hakka. My mother still attends Hakka.
    If you or your siblings visit Singapore, you will always find a guest room at my home.
    God Bless
    Warmest Regards
    Kwok Jen

  22. Susan Fong, Sacramento, CA

    No words can express how much Rev. Chiu touched so many individuals and churches. His all encompassing energies, zest for life and most notably, for his family plus grandchildren are shown by each grown up siblings now.

    The time which was too brief we have on earth was used valuably! And his varied interest and fruit tree orchards are a legacy to those still here. The CUMC ⛪️ was at its peak 30 years or so ago when your father and mother became God’s pioneers in Sacramento and USA.

    Please extend my sincerest sympathies to your mother, siblings, significant others, and all the grandchildren.

    Friendship ⭐️ Kindness ……Susan Fong, Sacramento, CA

  23. Anonymous

    The Self Family – David, Anne and Hannah
    We met Reverend Chiu at a church function several years ago. He was a very warm and thoughtful person. Upon meeting him he drew you into conversation as if you were old friends. We were blessed to spend time with him at Samantha and Neil’s home over Christmas and we will always remember him and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
    Reading his life story was very remarkable. He suffered so much at such a young age it is a miracle he even survived. But after reading all the testimonials from friends and former members of his various congregations it is obvious that he didn’t just survive, he flourished. He touched the lives of many people.
    Reverend Chiu was truly an inspiration to so many; our condolences to his family, friends and all the many people who so loved him. What a remarkable life!

  24. Susie Chin and family

    As the hour draws near, our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs Chiu and all in the Chiu family. May God’s peace, comfort and love be present at this time as you bid farewell home to a great husband, dad, grandfather and a true friend to all.
    Rest in peace Rev Chiu, good and faithful servant of God. We will miss you.

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